Screen Printing Shop Management Software

With a simple laptop or tablet, you can manage thousands of clients, orders, and art files, like you have a full office staff.

Puttin the Pro in Production Management.

Print Project Cards help you stay on top of even the busiest production schedule.

Screen Printing Shop Management Software built by printers for printers

The Print Life was built to help me manage my little print shop more efficiently. After testing most of the other platforms currently on the market. I realized none of them address the issues I had as a screen printer.
The only solution was to build it myself. It has taken over five years, and lots of sleepless nights but I'm happy to say we did it.

Quote print jobs in less than 3 minutes.

The Print Project Builder makes writing Quotes for your clients fast, fun, and super easy.

Best of all once it's set up you can train anyone to quote jobs accurately in 1 shift.

Step 1. Add Garments

add garments for screen printing shop management software

Step 2. Select colors & sizes

Step 3. Define Print Specs

Step 4. Add Finishings

Step 5. Email your Qoute

Browse the full S&S Activewear catalog from your dashboard

-See what's in stock and add those items to your qoute with a simple click.

-Quick access to the exact mock up images directly from the invoice.

But I don't order garments from S&S... That's ok. You can use the catalog then order from your preffered supplier.

product view

Request mockup approvals then capture payment from your client.

-Submit mock up approvals before or after your client pays.

-Get written proof that your client reviewed each print location.


Manage invoices from your desktop, laptop, or moble device.

-Our production manager automates everything we possibly can from mockup approvals, client updates, it can even order your garments from S&S Activewear automatically.-

-Store your Proofs and Art Seps in the cloud. organized by client and invoice. You will never loose another art file again.


The Print Life screen printing shop management software is action packed with features.

We give you access to everything for one affordable price.

Project Card Dashboard

Manage your screen print project from one intuitive dashboard.

Client Accounts

Create client accounts, apply discounts, set purchase order terms, and apply tax exemptions.

Art Manager

Never loose another art file. Upload mocks and sep files to individual invoices. Access files from the art manager at any time.

Mock-up Approvals

Upload your proofs and sep files to each print location, our system notifies your clients via email, client approves the mocks and status automatically changes to order que.

Staff Accounts/ Contractor Accounts

Create accounts for printers and designers on and offsite. Staff is notified by email when an invoice is assigned to them.

Quick Tasks/ Notes

Add important notes to specific quotes, invoices, and staff members with ease. You can even use notes to create supply shopping lists.

Automated Project Status

Invoices move through statuses automatically based on actions taken by clients and staff.

Visual Project Builder

Writing qoutes and invoices is fast and fun with our print project builder.

S&S Activewear

Full S&S Activewear catalog integration. project builder adds your percentage mark up to the garment cost automatically.

Collect Payment

Integrations with Stripe, and paypal allow you to capture payments with ease.

Email integration

Automatically send emails to clients, for productions status updates, and to request a review from google my business.

Shipping Labels

Print Shipping labels directly from your invoice with our EasyPost integration.

Custom Ink Pallets

Create multiple custom ink color books to help minimize the amount of mixing you do.

Pantone Mixing Fee

Never forget to charge a mixing fee again.

Ink Change Outs

we always forget what color we are supposed to switch to, not anymore.

Hosted on AWS

Fully secure cloud based software, proudly built and hosted on amazon servers.

Invoice Messaging

Job correspondence is conducted on the client invoice by location, to prevent email stacking and miscommunication.

Simple Team Names and Numbers

Easily charge and assign names and numbers in the print project builder.

Purchase Orders

Assign terms to specific client accounts. Once approved clients can checkout on terms.


Simple reports help you track garment cost, taxable revenu, and more.

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