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Tasks and Notes: New Software Feature

After lots of feedback from users, We added an incredibly simple task feature to our screen printing software.
Now you create memo and notes quickly and efficiently at the list level or at the invoice level

Click the tasks tab to view the task list page

Start by typing your message in Task Field. Select a Due Date and hit the Create Task Button.

You can also assign a task to a specific invoice.

  • Open the invoice you want to assign the task to
  • Type your note in the Task Field
  • Select a date
  • Click Create Task

Click the box to make the note visible on your clients invoice.

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  1. Tonya C. Gross

    I’d like to know if the software is capable of letting me add my own inventory of shirts.
    When I pay my printers and designers commission how does those funds go to them?

    1. Cam Earven

      Hello Tonya. We are about to wrap up the add your own product feature, should be launched by the end of the week.
      Printer and designers is more of a holding feature at the moment, you can see what you owe them cut a check for the amount or however you want to get payment to them.

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