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How to use The Print Life Software

If you want to know how the software will work before you start setting it up watch this video.

Table of Contents

Sign up for these acounts before you start setting up the dashboard.

For the software to function properly you need to create accounts with the following gateways.

You must have verified accounts with Stripe and EasyPost before you can use this software...


To accept Credit cards Visit https://stripe.com

  1. Sign up for Stripe.
  2. From the Stripe dashboard go to Developers > Api Keys.
  3. Copy the secret key from Stripe. key should have sk_live_
    1. make sure there are no spaces before the key or after the key.
  4. From The Print Life dashboard go to Settings> APIs info.
  5. Paste the key into the stripe api key field.
  6. Check to enable card payment.
  7. Hit save.

Easy post

Visit https://www.easypost.com/login you cannot create client accounts with out this.

  1. Click the email address in the top left menu
  2. Select Api Keys
  3. copy your production api key ( should start with sww)
  4. paste API Key into Settings> APIs info> EasyPost input field
  5. Hit Save

Optional accounts to enhance shop automation

S&S Activewear.

You don’t need this key to have access to the image library or to get updates to size availability from S&S

This key is for those that want to take advantage of our automated garment orders.

  1. Visit https://www.ssactivewear.com/
  2. create an account with S&S.
  3. Request the API by emailing api@ssactivewear.com with the request. Follow up with a phone call
  4. You should get a key the next day

If you are on terms (this can take some time and credit history to get approved) you can take advantage of automatic ordering through S&S Activewear

If you don’t go on terms you will be asked for COD when the garments arrive. 

You cannot place an order automatically with a credit card on file. Call S&S to get a better understanding of the process.


You will need to create a web app through the developer dashboard and upgrade to a Business Account. You may also be required to provide you EIN to get approved. Start with Stripe

Visit https://developer.paypal.com

  1. To upgrade PayPal to a business account you log in to www.developer.paypal.com – On the left-hand side of the screen click “My App & Credentials”. Above “REST API apps” there is a blue colored button that toggles between “Sandbox” and “Live”. When you toggle so that “Live” is highlighted in blue, it will ask you to upgrade to a business account. Then you click the link and fill out the forms (Business Name, EIN, etc.)
  2. My apps and credentials> Create new app > Name app your shop name
  3. Select your sandbox email> hit create
  4. make sure the secret key is enabled.
  5. sandbox tab is selected by default > click live
  6. Select Your app name
  7. copy client id> super long number and paste into the client id field settings> apis info Paypal
  8. copy secret key> paste in secret key field.
  9. Hit Save on 

The Print Life Set up Step #1

Use Google Chrome browser to set up this software to help avoid errors

DO NOT let any input fields auto populate, if the input field is highlighted in blue you will not be able to save.

Set up will take about 2 hours.

Watch along as you are setting up… If you don’t watch you will mess something up and the software wont work.

Dashboard Login: https://login.theprintlife.com 

For this system to function you must set up the following sections in The Print Life Software

  1. Staff

    1. Create at least one user account for designer and printer. You don’t have to log in to these accounts just set them up
  1. Settings

    1. General
      1. Fill out Business info, site images, and order terms
    2. API’s Info
      1. Enter your API credentials from Stripe and Easy Post
      2. without these APIs you won’t be able to create clients accounts or process payments
        1. Make sure there are no spaces before or after the API key. if there are you won’t be able to save the page or you will get errors.
    3. Price Matrix

Mail / Email Setup

  1. Create a Gmail app password
    1. Click profile image in the top right corner of your Gmail account.
    2. Click the button called manage your google account.
    3. On the left menu select Security
      1. Make sure 2 step verification is turned on or the following option won’t be available
    4. Below 2-step verification select App passwords.
    5. Enter your password.
    6. Hover over the select app link and select Other (Custom name)
    7. Name the app your company name
    8. Hit blue button titled Generate.
    9. Copy the app password in the yellow box.
  2. From the print life dashboard visit settings > mail> and select SMTP tab.
  3. Pass the password from the yellow box in the email password and the confirm password box. (hit the eye icon to show your password. make sure there are no spaces before or after the password.)
  4. Hit update.
  5. Hit test and enter your general email address to send the test email to.
 Note: If you have a Gsuite account provided by Wix/Squarespace, you will not be able to connect the email. 


  1. Ink Type ( You must create at least one ink color for the software to work).
      1. Create an ink type (ex Plastisol ink) and hit save, 

      2. You can create multiple ink types for processes like simulated process and add a percentage mark up to the total invoice price.
  2. Print> General Settings
    1. Set up your distances for all locations and hit save
  3. Print> Print Position
    1. Add at least one position for each location and hit save
  4. Print > Ink color palette
    1. Create your stock ink color pallet, We use the Wilflex color card to create our stock color pallet.
    2. Ink color will pull from your print pricing matrix when you are building a quote with the project builder.
  5. Pantone
    1. Set up at least one Pantone option for each location and hit save.
      1. Pantone colors are designed for you to automatically charge your client’s ink mixing fees on top of the per color price you set in the price matrix.
      2. Make sure to set it as a one-time fee and set the price for at least 1 dollar. The average industry mixing fee is $15 per custom color mixed.

WordPress Plugin

We have decided to move away from a wordpress plugin and build a client portal. This portal will make setting up and using the client interface easier and it will work with all website platforms.

We are developing the plugin now. You will get a notification on your dashboard when it is live.

Don’t set this up until the main dashboard is set up and you have successfully invoiced a few clients.

How to set up The Print Life to quote other products like heat transfers.