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While the name of the website could use a little work, it certainly worked out well for them, as it drew attention to their project, and eventually depicted a market that was full of crappy services. Yet, their main focus isn’t on scams, but their CommuniTraders forum with both thousands of threads and subscribers. In today’s edition, I’ll be reviewing a trading forum, that’s been serving the binary market for nearly 6 years, binary option trading options That Suck .





The bandit strategy works well when looking to move ahead of the market when it displays great volatility. The bandit strategy analyzes the current price against past price tends of an asset using bollinger bands. When the price of the asset approaches the 3rd standard deviation, you can really take advantage of the volatility. Bollinger bands make clear the standard deviations of an asset’s price based on a moving average (usually 20 day moving average). However, this scenario happens on limited occasions. Two highly successful trading strategies are "The Bandit Strategy" and "The Big Ben Strategy".





I believe that the newbie section is a great way to start your trading journey, and then upgrade to other threads like the social trading platform, and broker reviews as you grow your trading skills. In terms of helpful resources in the binary options market, the binary options That Suck forum ranks near the top. There are many helpful threads, and sections of the forum to help every level of trader .





The bands will also not show you when a price reversal is bound to happen. Although Bollinger Bands can be helpful in making trading decisions such as when to go long or short on an asset, they are not a good indicator of price movements .





For example, if the payout was 70%, the binary broker credits the trader's account with $70. If ABC shares trade above $25 at that date and time, the trader receives a payout per the terms agreed. Let's say the trader thinks the price will be trading above $25 on that date and time and is willing to stake $100 on the trade.





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Once you access ProFX Learning Center , You will be able to obtain a better knowledge about basics of Forex and binary trading, Indicators, EAs and Strategies, Developing Profx indicators and Strategies for high accurate signals, Tools and techniques for market analyzing, Money management, Risk Management, disciplines for trading and more.





If you anticipate the price trend of the underlying asset will go up you purchase a CALL option. If the price of the asset does not move as you anticipate, your option will "expire out of the money". If you anticipate it will go down, you purchase a PUT option. If the movement of the price is correct within a set time, your option is said to "expire in the money". The return on your trade is based on predetermined percent and depends if the option expires in the money or out of the money.





The potential profit and loss, combined, always equals $100 with a Nadex binary option. If the option expires and the price of the Colgate is below $65 (out of the money), the trader loses the $40 they put into the option.





Let's assume stock Colgate-Palmolive is currently trading at $64.75. A binary option has a strike price of $65 and expires tomorrow at 12 p.m. The trader can buy the option for $40. The trader makes $60 ($100 – $40). If the price of the stock finishes above $65, the option expires in the money and is worth $100.





While there is the main binary options That Suck website with reviews and ratings, the most of my time spent here is on the forum. I believe that being part of the community like this, is very important for manual traders, and those that are just looking to stay on top of the most current binary options trading strategies. I find that the CommuniTraders group, is one of the better forums in the binary options marketplace. If you are willing to spend the time, and dig through the threads, you will find some valuable information and daily suggestions that can certainly help your trading efforts .



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