Launch 1.00.01

Official soft launch april 29 2020

Special offer of $20 per month for the first 50 shops, in exchange for help debugging and testing software on soft launch

Please hold off from installing the Plugin on your wordpress site until we complete some updates on the plugin.

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  1. simon

    jeez! You did it!!

    Just been on YouTube…………Last time i was on it was 2 years ago!!…..and beard was different!!!
    Nice job with the software…..its like Deco LITE??

    Just what we all need……but dont suppose it will work over in UK 🙁

    Can you let me know?


    1. Cam Earven

      Hey Simon. It is not available in the UK right now, but I hope one day it will be.

    2. Cam Earven

      Hi Simon. Sorry, it is not available in the UK right now. But it will be next year.

  2. Terry

    Hello,,, can join up to start using to software now? I was waiting on a update video on your channel.

    1. Cam Earven

      Yes you can start using it now.

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