Fundraising Stores. How to set up and use Stores.

Fundraising stores have made a huge impact on the way screen printers think about generating income. With fundraising stores, you help your clients generate sales and remove the headache of building out an e-commerce store themselves.

Today I’m going to show you how to set up and use our newly released stores feature.

#1 From your dashboard you will visit the stores’ menu.

#2 Click the new store button

#3 Upload your clients’ logo and header image

#4 Fill out your clients’ store info

#5set the end date of the campaign

#6 set the delivery date. this will be how long after the fundraiser end you will need to produce and ship these items.

Set your sales goal. The sales goal is what your clients would need to hit to fund whatever goal they have. Showing the goal can help psychologically push customers to purchase more especially as the goal grows closer being reached.

Select if your client will let their customer pick up from them after the fundraiser ends.

hit create store.