The Print Life Frequently Asked Questions.

General Questions

The Print Life is a web-based product which means that you do not download it to your computer. You access it through your web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). This means you can access your shop data using any device with an internet connection (phone, tablet and laptop).


At this time you need to have an account with Stripe. PayPal is also available but you need to have a business license to integrate PayPal.

You can invoice any product or service with our platform.

We are charging $20 per month for all software features. Eventually this price will go up but I’m keeping it low for as long as possible.

S&S Activewear Integration

The Print Life, pulls the garment wholesale cost along with garment stock directly from S&S and adds the percentage mark-up you set in the price matrix.

The markup is applied to the base wholesale cost, your individual pricing tear is not calculated in the price, however, you will still get your discount when garments are ordered.

The Print Life can be set up to order garments from S&S automatically,

For this to work you must be approved for terms with S&S, 

A credit card on file will not work, the order will still be placed but the delivery driver will require a money order in the exact amount, if you don’t have it on hand the driver will return the package to S&S

Mock ups / Proofs

In order to change the status of your invoice you must upload a mock and a sep file in all locations. without both files uploaded you cannot submit mocks for approval.

After you upload mocks and seps to all locations the software automatically moves the invoice to submitted status and sends an email to your clients asking them to review and approve the mockups.