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Email SMTP Integration update

Gsuit and Gmail recently made changes to the allowed methods of integration within their platforms.

All users that have not made the email integration should follow these simple steps to integrate email.

Mail / Email Setup

  1. Create a Gmail app password
    1. Click profile image in the top right corner of your Gmail account.
    2. Click the button called to manage your Google account.
    3. Make sure 2 step verification is turned on or the following option won’t be available.
    4. Select Security from the left-hand menu.
    5. Below 2-step verification select App passwords.
    6. Enter your password.
    7. Hover over the select app and select Other (Custom name)
    8. Name the app your company name
    9. Hit blue button titled Generate.
    10. Copy the app password in the yellow box.
  2. From the print life dashboard visit settings > mail > and select SMTP tab.
  3. Pass the password from the yellow box in the email password and confirm the password box. (hit the eye icon to show your password. make sure there are no spaces before or after the password.)
  4. Hit update.
  5. Hit test and enter your general email address to send the test email to.

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  1. cedric

    It didnt mention that the App password doesnt show up unless you have 2 step verification turned on. only was able to figure it out googling.

    1. Cam Earven

      Oh no. Thank you for mentioning this. I have added that step to the documentation.

  2. Rene

    Still can’t configure this, “Failed to authenticate on SMTP server” I can’t figure it out

    1. Cam Earven

      Call 800 806 3518 ex 1 I can get you sorted out.

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