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Display Price Per Unit On Quotes and Invoices.

By popular demand, we added per piece pricing below the garment size break down.

When you add garments to a project you will see the price per garment based on the total qty below the size input fields.
When you add an embellishment to the project the total print price will be added to the garment cost, giving you an all-inclusive cost per unit on the cart page.

Per piece is enabled by default. You can turn it off on the price matrix.

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  1. Tonya Gross

    How can I add my own inventory to the software? Do I have to do it manually?

    1. Cam Earven

      At this time the software only pulls inventory from S&S Activewear, We are adding custom products now, should be live in a few weeks, This will allow you to create a products and assign inventory to it.

  2. justin

    S&S Activewear is this compatible with the Canadian version for building inventory?

    1. Cam Earven

      HI Justin, Not yet but we hope to have the Canadian catalog available soon.

      1. Justin

        Hi Cam, We are looking to have our complete shop transferred to your platform, do you have a timeline as to when this will be available to the Canadian catalog?

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