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The Print Life Development Road Map Second Quarter 2022

Hello Print Fam. Thank you for your continued use and support of the software.
This is our 2022 Development Roadmap, I will be updating this post as progress is made.

If you are experiencing a site issue please submit a support ticket here I am working to get our support system better integrated and streamlined so we can fix issues faster. This will happen when you submit tickets instead of Facebook group posts or emails.

As of May 2022, our Q2 2022 Development Roadmap items are as follows: (Please note that these items are subject to change)

In Progress Second Quarter 2022

  • Import Sanmar and Aplpha Broader Catalogs. Complete on 05/13/2022
  • Square Payment Gateway. Complete on 05/13/2022
  • Customer Portal, We are converting the wp plugin to a standalone web portal giving your customers the ability to generate their own quotes and invoices without the need to integrate the plugin on the WordPress platform. (Side note) When we make this live customer quotes and invoices will have a semi-custom URL

Soon 3rd and 4rth quarter 2022

  • Stores. The store was launched as a test to see if users would utilize this feature, turns out they do. We have a full list of functionality that we will add to make it a full eCommerce solution for decorators.
  • Price and delivery date override.
  • Shop inventory. Give users the ability to input inventory held in their shop. When an order is placed, the user will be notified to pull from inventory and show what still needs to be ordered.
  • User accounts. Add a Sales staff account with commission tracking and add admin permissions to all staff accounts.
  • Quick books online integration


  • Quote status dashboard. Simple quote status dashboard similar to the project dashboard to help you keep track of the sales process. What was sent, what was read, what had no response, what needs to be followed up on, and urgent status for quotes that have an urgent due date that hasn’t been paid yet.
  • SMS messaging for quotes, and invoices.
  • Let users change starting invoice and quote numbers.
  • Give users the ability to add a name or label to quotes and invoices.
  • Customize project titles.

This doc will be updated as progress is made.

If you have ideas for our product roadmap. please submit a support ticket.