Updates Wed 06/17/2020

Invoice Status

  • We added an action button to invoices for statuses like assign to staff/ and Shipp statuses.


  • We removed the federal id input field, removed the required fields, and made tax exemption a simple dropdown.
  • We moved tax-exempt sub-menu to the reports menu.

Delete Invoice

  • You can now delete invoices, but only if the invoice has been refunded, Make sure to refund through the platform not from the Stripe dashboard.

Errors fixed Mon 06/06/2020

Location Discounts

  • On the price matrix page, we added the ability to apply percentage discounts to additional locations on the price matrix – FIXED

On invoice discounts

  • By popular demand we added the ability to apply a discount directly to the invoice- FIXED

Delete Invoices

  • We added the ability to delete invoices. You cannot delete an invoice until said invoice is fully refunded (refunds applyed to the original payment method).

Mocks being generated

  • 2.When the invoice is in generate mocks status. On the client Invoice view, the pink button will now be grayed out and say “We are working on your mockups” until you upload your mock ups for approval.

Print Packing Slip

  • Removed theprintlife url and footer from print invoice and print packing slip

Errors fixed Wed 06/01/2020

Invoice Status

  • There ware certain situations where having the ability to take an invoice out of complete status would be useful, now you can take and invoice out of complete status and push it back into production – FIXED

Packing Slip

  • We added a print packing slip feature on the invoice actions menu- FIXED


  • We added missing product categories to the product list, specifically face masks – FIXED


  • We added the refund function to the action menu on invoices – FIXED




Errors fixed Wed 05/27/2020

Company Name

  • Added a company name input field on the create client window – FIXED

Customer Quote

  • The customer quote template is not sending a quote to the client when the quote is saved.(PL58)- FIXED

Mock Approval

  • After all, locations are approved the mock-up window would stay open, confusing clients, Now after all locations are approved the mock window closes – FIXED


  • Made updates to user sign up and creation API – FIXED

Errors fixed Fri 05/22/2020

Line Items

  • Changed wording on line item title – FIXED

Remove Required Sep File

  • We got lots of feedback from a user asking to remove the sep upload requirement on the mock uploader. The requirement has been removed, you are still required to upload a mock to each print location before you can move an invoice out of the generate mock-ups status. When mocks have been uploaded to all locations an email is automatically sent to your client asking your client to review and approve mocks – FIXED

Turn off individual items on the product catalog

  • We added the ability to turn off individual products. Products menu> Listing> check turn off to remove the item from your catalog – FIXED

Mockup approval

  • We flipped the mock approval field to the top of the mock-up approval window – FIXED

Errors fixed Thurs 05/21/2020

Project Builder

  • Added shipping options back after accidentally removing them when we added the ability to turn off EasyPost – FIXED

Project card Revision Notifications

  • We added to mock up revision notification on the dashboard job cards, Notifications will disappear when you write a response – FIXED

Errors fixed Wed 05/20/2020

Project Builder

  • There was a small bug that prevented users from adding or removing garments after a quote was saved – FIXED

Invoice URL

  • Url would redirect the client to the login screen on incognito tabs – FIXED

Easy Post Address Verification

  • By default The Print Life would not allow you t0 create a client account unless USPS could verify the shipping address, we added a feature on the create client account button to create the account without verifying the client’s address  – FIXED
    • One result of this fix is a bug that removed shipping options on check out. We are working on that now. Inprogress

Errors fixed Wed 05/14/2020

Staff Accounts

  • Staff accounts, don’t require address, or site URL, give hint for URL syntax, remove middle name field. – DONE
  • all fields in all areas should allow the shop admin to save, This is a recurring problem on every input Field on every page, including profile, staff account general setting, every field, – DONE

Email SMTP

  • Dual password authentication on SMTP email set up. – DONE

Client Email view project button.

  • Email invoice button. Change the text to “View Print Project” and change the button color to the yellow/orange the color. – DONE

Errors fixed Tues 05/13/2020

Customer Message Notification

  • Reactivated customer message notification on job cards. When a client leave a message on the invoice, the job card will show a notification until you reply to the message. – DONE

Edit garment after save.

  • We noticed a small bug that would not allow users to add or remove garments after saving a quote.  – DONE

Product View

  • Fixed Spelling Error – DONE

Staff Accounts

  • Logged in staff was not able to view the product from the link on the invoice – DONE

Email quote/invoice

  • Add order tag in the email template, an email will show order button in the email, so you don’t need to add order tag in anchor tag – DONE

Errors fixed Mon 05/12/2020

Email Templates (MAJOR FIX)

  • We had an issue with email templates linking to the login screen, now all emails sent will link to the public invoice.  – DONE

WordPress Client accounts

  • We made a last-minute change to have all invoices from logged-in clients link to the public invoices instead of linking to a secondary WordPress invoice, this was done to simplify the invoicing process – DONE

Errors fixed Fri 05/11/2020

Create a Client

  • From cart when you clicked save or make payment and choose to create a new client users would get redirected to the client account. Now it stays on the cart page as intended  – DONE

Create a Quote

  • A small bug was not clearing the previous quote info when the new quote button was pressed. – DONE

Errors fixed Thurs 05/08/2020

User Profile

  • 1. Profile picture was not saving  – DONE

Save Qoute

There was a bug when saving a quote and creating a new client that would redirect to the client account instead of staying on the qoute. – DONE

What we are working on now

There is a problem with the email chain linking to the wrong page, and clients cant see the paid invoice from the email links. 

Errors fixed Wed 05/07/2020

Pantone Field

  • 1. Allow only Pantone colors if a user inputs only a Pantone that still counts as one color selected. – DONE

Mobile Layout

  • 2. The product filter on the product view page was popping out behind the menu drawer. – DONE

Errors fixed Tueday 05/06/2020

Paypal Payment

  • Quotes not moving to dashboard after paypal payment is made. – DONE

Page Save

  • Page timeout on price matrix issue. Shops were finding they would do a bunch of work then hit save and everything would reset.
  • This is due to page timeout. it is fixed – DONE

Input fields

  • Add required syntax hint on website fields. – DONE

Staff Accounts

  • Remove middle name field from staff accounts. – DONE

Account Set Up

  • Date selector pops up behind menu – DONE

Add Garments

  • Switch search field text to darker color- DONE


  • add clients last name and company name to invoice info bar on dashboard view and public URL – DONE

Errors fixed Monday 05/05/2020

Login Screen

  • Remove pink subscribe button from login screen – DONE
  • Format phone number in create client account pop up – DONE


  • Show username in the profile – DONE
  • Unlock site URL – DONE

Account Set Up

  • Fix Favicon – DONE


  • Move set up fee and tax settings to price matrix – DONE

Errors fixed Sunday 05/04/2020

  • Public invoices not showing details – DONE
  • Quotes/Invoices not showing total in the breakdown on public URL – DONE
  • Saved line items not adding total to invoice – DONE
  • Add formatting to phone number fields – DONE
  • add show/hide feature to passwords and API fields – DONE
  • remove email auto-populate in send email from invoice view – DONE

Usability features

Simple features that will be added in the coming weeks

  • Public Url payment feature.
    • Users can request 100% or 50% payment on public URLs.
  • Add a product filter for individual items.


  • create custom products.


  • Add sales staff account.
  • add permission to staff accounts.
  • remove address requirements for staff accounts.


  • Make swatches rearrangeable.


In Progress


  • Fix profile image uploader

Create a Client

  • Remove requirement for address
  • Add company name field, and show company name on client list as well as on the invoice.

Account set up

  • Dual password authentication on email SMTP set up
  • small time out bugs not allowing some users to save after information is entered
  • add an error to the URL if the user doesn’t enter proper syntax. ex if www.yourdomain is entered, show error telling the user to add http:// or https:// before address

Add garments

  • Search garments field, change to darker text color

Quotes and invoices

  • Email from quotes and invoices.
    • style order URL link.
  • Format emails for a cleaner look in clients’ inbox.
  • Show user uploaded favicon on URL tab
  • When a public URL is emailed to a client, the client receives a second email after the quote is paid that links to the wp plugin client account, if the client hasn’t created an account they should not get this email. we need a second email chain for clients that checkout on the public URL.
  • Move invoices out of complete status
  • Delete invoices
  • Move refund invoices from the list view to the invoice action menu.

Design Issues

  • On mobile devices product filter does not function.
  • Date selector pops up behind the menu and falls of the screen on mobile devices.
  • logo not loading on mobile devices.

Launch 1.00.01

Official soft launch april 29 2020

Special offer of $20 per month for the first 50 shops, in exchange for help debugging and testing software on soft launch

Please hold off from installing the Plugin on your wordpress site until we complete some updates on the plugin.