Changelog 2023

Change-log and bug fixes

Updates Wed 10/29/2023 Subject: Introducing Our New Beta Login with Exciting Changes User Interface Redesign: Our original UI was vibrant and fun, but we understand the need for a more professional look. With the new design, we’ve embraced a minimalist aesthetic, creating a sleek and clean interface. This new layout not only offers a more professional […]

Big Update to Price Matrixes


When I first launched this Screen Printing Shop Management Software in 2020 it was built solely for screen printers, problem was most printers also offer embroidery, HTV, digital printing, and all sorts of other services. So we set out to give our users the ability to use the print life Screen Printing Shop Management Software […]

Fundraiser stores are now available in Beta

We have been toiling away the last few months building and launching a basic fundraiser store platform. I felt this was an important feature that you could use to help your customers generate revenue during these lockdowns. They are still very new, so use them and let me know what features you would like to […]

Create a client account without an address

Although I don’t fully understand why clients aren’t willing to give their address to a service provider like a printer. Before today If you wanted to create a client account you had to get an address from them. Seemed legit to me. It turns out this is a recurring issue for lots of shops. Now […]

Activate and accept 50% deposits on client invoices.

When I first developed this platform, the concept I had was to force myself into a series of best practices as a printer and small business owner. One restriction I implemented was requiring payment in full from clients paying online.After bringing a few shops onto the platform if became clear that most shops think this […]

2 months live and going strong. Thank you

2 screen print software months going strong

As of today, we have over 200 shops using our screen printing shop management software. That is crazy because it seems like it has been over a year since my announcement video was posted to Youtube. Progress has been made, features added, bugs fixed, and the idea of a sleep schedule is a distant memory. […]