Known issues we have fixed or are actively working on.

  1. Ink color selector is not working for back, left, and right locations. Done
  2. Some users have found the matrix calculations are not correct. Done
  3. Best Seller Items are not currently pushed to the top of the products page. Done,
  4. Best seller image uploader. Done
  5. qty range changes not reflecting for finishings, or shipping box size. Done
  6. Cant save changes to existing matrixes. Done
  7. Slider on step 3 in not set to zero by defualt. Done
  8. User generated custom products from old build imported into new buid. Done
  9. Price override and due date override coming soon.
  10. Square payments Integration coming very soon.

Note about the Customer Quoting tool (WordPress Plugin)
We have decided to convert the WordPress plugin to a stand-alone portal that you link to from your website.  This version of the tool will make website integrations way easier for you while still giving your customers a super easy-to-use print quote tool.

The project builder will let your customers browse products, generate quotes, even pay and track orders without ever having to talk to you.