When I first launched this Screen Printing Shop Management Software in 2020 it was built solely for screen printers, problem was most printers also offer embroidery, HTV, digital printing, and all sorts of other services.

So we set out to give our users the ability to use the print life Screen Printing Shop Management Software to quote and invoice all aspects of the embellishments industry. Rebuilding the foundation of the software was no small task and would be a painful transition for our existing users, none the less it is a necessary transition. I figure it’s better to do it now while our user base is fairly small. After almost a year of hard work, going live, and having to debug nearly every aspect of the platform. Finally it is stable and ready for prime time.

Now you can create color books to suit whatever needs you may have. You will also have a bunch of color books from the print industry’s most popular ink and thread manufacturers ready to go out of the box.

Create matrix groups for all your different services. Choose from lots of matrix styles, per color, stitches per inch, per item, linear inch, Square inch, and more. Add multiple matrixes to each group. Assign specific color books to specific matrixes. You can set different setup fees for each matrix as well. The sky is the limit.

Add as many locations to the project builder as you want Front, Back, Printed Neck Label, Whatever you can think of.

There is lots more to talk about with this update the above-mentioned features are just the highlights.

Adding this functionality to our Screen Printing Shop Management Software will give you and your shop the ability to build the system to function how you want it to. Once it’s set up Quoting jobs will be as easy and fluid as ever.

We are busy working on lots of updates for 2022 stay tuned to experience all we have in the works over the coming months.